For soulmate

Taken by Anjagawlak
Taken by Anjagawlak

Dịch bài “Cho tri kỷ” của Nguyễn Thiên Ngân.

Whenever you read a book
Your skinny finger, your frowning
I understand how I love you so
Although the good old days have gone.

You’re so quiet beside the window
The bunch of daisies are withering
A half-drunk cup of coffee
And the autumn is coming slowly.

What are you reading, dear?
A distant land, our century
Are some characters suffering?
Why looking at me with your pensive eyes?

You may be depressed, my soulmate
This life is quite uncertain
Despite that being said sensitive
To me, that is humanity.

I am a glass of water in the pub
The quiet one in the crowd
The little flower on the street
The empathy hand you hold.

Nhược Lạc 


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